Some ideas

  • *ad blocker *how abt a simple proxy on/off switch for safety >>>>"the proxy or MAYBE free vpn should be provided by vivaldi so we can trust it "<<<<< *make downloads pausable and resumable 🙂 *one click cleanup button to clean cache,cookies,history and other junk *i don't know much about this but can you make buffering faster

  • Good ideas, I am sure they'll put some if not all of these as new releases come out. As for ads, I noticed Vivaldi crashes for me when trying to install AdBlock Plus but AdBlock installs but does not do that good of job. I think it is because of the right now limited support Vivaldi has for extensions which the developers said they are already currently working on.

  • 1. There is no button in these threads for "Add a new post." There needs to be. "Reply topic" is confusing if one isn't replying to anything.

    2. The settings dialog box needs to remember its size and position from the last time I opened it.

    3. The settings box needs a "Save Settings" button. Without it, the user is in doubt whether the settings are saved when closing the box. The current way is counter to the way Windows has been operating since the beginning.

    4. In my first post a day or two ago, I criticized Vivaldi for not having an Opera 12-style interface option. That was partly because there was there was no Main Menu visible. It took me a couple of days to find that there was a settings option for a horizontal menu because it was hidden a little Vivaldi logo button in the upper left corner. Having that as the download default is wrong and violates the standard Windows operating method since the beginning of Windows of having a horizontal Main Menu. Vivaldi needs to change the default. As part of this, Vivaldi needs to display the Windows standard title bar at the top above the Main Menu as a default because that's what all Windows users except rank newbies expect. Ideally there will be a Settings button for "Operate like Opera 12" to change everything at once.

    5. The Speed Dial screen needs a settings option to have a plain background instead of an image. Background images only add to screen clutter.

    6. The ability to save sessions was one of the most valuable parts of Opera before its decline. Please make it available.

    7. There needs to be a direct and easy way to import Bookmarks, Speed Dial and Sessions from an older version of Opera. Since I have more than one version of Opera installed, I need to be able to choose the version to import from.

  • 1. Vivaldi needs to revive the "Forms" dialog box under settings to enter data for filling out online forms. This was a very useful feature. Also, that information needs to be right-click accessible the way it was in Opera 12.

    2. Redoing the Settings dialog box like the like the Preferences dialog box in Opera 12 would be a great improvement.

  • Would be nice if possible.
    1. Widgets preferrable to extensions.
    2. Adding a chat feature to email.
    3. A separate mail client.
    4. Opera Unite as nice.
    5. 1 forgot.

  • 5. The Vivaldi Lunch Menu.


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