Reverts to first page?

  • I open 20 pages to read my 'News'. I typically read the last page first. (I've arranged things so the good stuff is at the front of the que) When I'm finished reading the page I delete it. But Vivaldi insists on returning to the first page opened, so I have to use my mouse to manually return to the last page. All other browsers delete the page you want and remain at the last page. Any ideas or fixes? 😞

  • tools>settings>tabs > Close Tab Activation
    Default is "activate in recently used order" and you want "Activate Right in Tab Order".
    This should do it, I think.

  • In Menu - Tools - Settings - Tabs you can manipulate 'Close Tab Activation' and 'Tab Cycling'. That should give the option you are looking for but I am not sure about it since posts about tab cycling come and go here in the forum.


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