• Hi. I'd like to make a suggestion about some additions for the Vivaldi browser. I'll very glad to see in this browser more useful edit of the saved pages on express-panel (start page). So, in ver. 1.3 now we should press "+", then enter the page, and only after this u should change the name of the page by the pick on the text of the saved page (f.e. push "+", afret this enter "", the page saves, then pick "" under the screenshot of the page, and after this write what u like). So, my 1st suggest is to change a scheme of adding new page on express-panel (start page) for such type: TAP "+" -> Enter the URL -> Change the name of the page (which anybody liki) -> Save the page on start panel. The 2nd is in the same theme, so I'll be happy if u add an EDIT-button on the screenshot of the saved page on this start panel (somewhere near the REFRESH-button). So, I hope mu suggestions won't be invisible and I'll see the result in close future 🙂


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