Poll from the Opera 12 to Blink Switch - Features and Opinions

  • When Opera announced the switch from O12 to Opera 15 with Chromium, I was very active in the Opera forums (Raven) and at one time set up a poll asking about most important features, email, and a farewell message to the old Opera. It had 1.690 respondents and might contain some good input from the users who really cared about the old Opera 12: [url=pollmill.com/f/farewell-opera-b1wtpmr/answers]Farewell Opera - Poll[/url] If you want, I can provide you with the anonymized export data from the poll. Lots of old users are holding out, clinging to Opera 12: [url=http://www.netmarketshare.com/browser-market-share.aspx?qprid=2&qpcustomd=0]Browser statistics[/url] Opera Blink has 0.44% market share, Opera 12 still has 0.32% market share. I think most of those users might switch as soon as Vivaldi has enough compelling features (email + RSS? basic extensions, esp. Lastpass, Evernote, more settings).

  • The basic extensions should work right out of the box, if an extensions works for Chrome, it will work for Vivaldi as well, so need to worry about that.

    What Opera12 users need right now is basic browser that is stable right now, even when it still does not have all the Opera12 features, I think most people want to switch and its smart to start using it when you know its going to replace your older Opera12 eventually, this means if you know this browser will get those feature eventually, you can already start using it and get used to it. But for that we need a more stable preview.

    One we can use for daily browsing, the preview like it names said, is really more just to look how it will look into terms of features. In the current state I don't think its usable to replace your daily browser, even 12. If the Vilvadi staff started to actually used it as well as their main browser at work, they would also notice the bugs.

    I think the most important step right now should get a preview that has most critical bugs first fixed, then work towards a stable release, and then start to consider adding features. But I think its going to be a long way until that.

    I would not even think its wise to even start to talk about features when we don't even yet have a beta to test out. They should first get releases rolling that squashes most annoying bugs, those that actually block you from using it. As bugs gets fixed, it will get more stable and more people are going to start to use it.

  • Or like Debian, have a stable and a unstable/testing version? So while some developers work on getting rid of all bugs in stable, others can start working on adding new features in the testing version? Of course only once a freeze with minimum features have been done for the stable version.

  • You didn't ask about "classic menu bar". For me, one of the top wanted features, together with MDI!


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