Start Page requests

  • The main issue I have with Vivaldi is the Start Page. This is the one area I think Opera is better. Here are my requests: Btw, I'm referring to bookmarked pages on the Start Page as dials (as in Opera's original name Speed Dial) as I don't know what they should be called.. - It would be great if you were able to drag a dial on top of another to create a new folder. - It would be nicer if a folder could display at least the first few dials on the folder instead of the generic folder icon. This way it would be easier to see at a glance what's bookmarked in the folder. - Unless I'm missing something, there needs to be an option to scale the size of the dials as they are too large and the number of dials in a row increased beyond just 6.

  • Yeah. It will be good to make folders with useful pages, and as good thing from another browsers - to collect all opened pages in one folder on start page. That will be good 🙂

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    Under menu/File you can already save all open tabs as a session, and re-open that session at any time.

    You can also "bookmark all open tabs" and then drag them into a folder on the start page, but that's pretty labor-intensive.


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