Vivaldi very resource hungry

  • With only 3 tabs and 6 extensions Vivaldi takes around 2.4GB of memory. That's quite heavy thx

  • The same here. Only two tabs (one of them uploading a file and this one, to write this comment), no add-ons or plug-ins installed (clean install) and the Vivaldi Helper is taking 3.7 Gb of RAM on macOS (El Capitan). It's as bad as Chrome when it comes to RAM and CPU usage. :blink:

  • Glad that I´m not the only one noticing this. I would recommend that the developers take a look at slimjet. I have found that compared with all the chromium based browsers, slimjet has the lower impact on resources.

  • Have you guys tried opening Tools->Task Manager? If you sort by memory, you can see which web pages or extensions consume a lot of RAM.

  • As Vivaldi team cannot do much about chromium's RAM usage, I would suggest a different approach to limit it. Taking advantage of the great hibernate feature, it would be nice implementation of an "auto-hibernate", in which Vivaldi automatically hibernates tabs in an oldest access order when a certain amount of RAM or % of it is surpassed. This would prevent eating the whole memory.

    On the other hand, I guess most open tabs are kept by users are for future reading. We just want to check them once, so bookmarking seems like a bad choice, but having them open eats our resources. That way, a quick read later feature may lower the amount of open tabs significantly. After opening them, Vivaldi should ask about removing or keeping them in that list.

  • But this folder is very big as well:

    \Users~\Library\Application Support\Vivaldi\Default\File System


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    On Windows, mine is 92K. I wonder if that's a Mac thing? If you delete it (with Vivaldi closed), does it grow to that size again?

  • Just to add another data point: My "File System" folder is only 34.2MB. So it does not seem to be a universal Mac issue.

  • I've been tracking El Capitan's memory usage over the past few moments and when I close an app, it announces how much RAM was 'reclaimed' and it's almost always between 1.5-2.5gb regardless of the application (Vivaldi, Emacs, DEVONthink Office Pro, Tinderbox, Spotify, Chrome…). OS X does a fantastic job at memory management and I stopped paying attention to memory footprints many versions ago; the OS has a fantastic algorithm for memory allocation and swap file usage.

    I wouldn't worry about it, honestly.

  • I tweaked the following in vivaldi://flags:

    'Accelerated 2D canvas' DISABLED

    'Media Router'>DISABLED

    Offline Auto-Reload Mode' DISABLED

    'User consent for extension scripts' DISABLED

    'Mark non-secure origins as non-secure' > Mark non-secure origins as non-secure

    'Block scripts loaded via document.write' DISABLED

    Enable Push API background mode>DISABLED

    Enable PPAPI Win32k Lockdown.> ENABLED

    Enable AppContainer Lockdown ENABLED

    WebRTC H.264 software video encoder/decoder DISABLED

    Disable Audio For Desktop Share> ENABLED

    Desktop Share with tab source> DISABLED

    and the resource usage has gone down a bit

    oh and I turned ALL javascript off and ALL image rendering OFF and did it just per website. (the icon on the address bar - extreme left - ALLOW for this website ONLY! 😉

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