Open in new tab - quickly

  • Hi! Have tried different combination of clicking and keyboard modifiers with the aim to open a link from a page or a bookmark in the new tab [b]making this tab active.[/b] Haven't found. For me it is the most used way to open new tab (not sure it is so for you). Have I missed some obvious way?

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    Shift + Click should work from a page link of the bookmarks bar, but not from the bookmarks panel.

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    If you have set panel bookmarks to open on a single click, then shift+click will open links, bookmarks on the bookmark bar, and bookmarks in the panel, in a new tab, focusing the new tab. Under this setting middle-click will open all of the above in a new background tab. You will also notice there is a setting to "Open Bookmarks in New Tab."

  • Aha, got i, thanks! My fault was I haven't set single click for bookmarks at first.


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