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  • I've just updated to Vivaldi 1.3. I love the browser's tab stacking and , hence my preference for this browser over all others.My laptop has a low screen resolution (1366x768). Because of this, I run a default zoom level of 75%. After the update to 1.3.551.30, the default zoom factor is no longer recognised when opening new tabs - be they from links, Ctrl-N, bookmarks or speed dial. They all open at 100%. Hitting Ctr-0 resets them to 75%. When the tab is opened , the status bar zoom factor shows 100% and the reset is greyed out. Moving the slider to 90% allows the reset to be pressed and the page zoom goes to the default of 75% with the reset text in black. The previous 1.2 build opened new pages at 75%. I've tried a Vivaldi restart and PC reboot. This is with Windows 10 (yes I'm sorry too but its better than 8.1 was!)

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    What setting to you have in Webpage, Use tab zoom?

  • Hello Pesala,
    Thanks for the reply.
    In the settings I have the Webpages: Use Tab Zoom ticked and Webpages: Default Webpage Zoom set to 75%. The Appearance:User Interface Zoom is set to 75%.
    I am expecting that the Use Tab Zoom meant that when I opened a link in a new tab, the initial link's zoom factor was applied to the new tab.

  • Hello Pesala,

    You are correct. Unticking the Webpages:Use Tab Zoom fixes the default zoom level issue.
    It now opens new pages, new tabs and speed dial pages at 75%.
    This fixes the issue.

    Thanks very much for your help.

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    That's what I guessed the problem was. It's not too obvious what the setting does, but it retains the current zoom level when opening tabs from the current tab rather than using the default zoom level.


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