Login script no longer works

  • I used to be able to log in to my favourite newspaper site, theglobeandmail.com. I don't know when it changed, but now, when I enter my username and password and click Login, the words "Please Wait" appear and continue indefinitely. This is on both Windows 7 and OS X 10.9.5. This seems to be a Chromium problem, because the same problem has happened to Opera. On my Mac, only Safari can log in properly. But who wants to use Safari?

  • This is no longer an issue, on my Macbook anyway.

    Vivaldi was crashing every time I changed a preference. So I did a clean reinstall. I can now log in to the Globe and Mail site.

    I hadn't done a clean install since Vivaldi introduced its update routine. But something went wrong with the update routine several months ago, resulting in my problem. Or the problem may have been caused by the update to v. 3 of Vivaldi. Saying this because the login problem to Globe and Mail existed earlier, but the crashing began with the update to v. 3.

    I will advise separately whether a clean reinstall in Windows 7 fixes the problem.

  • I'm new to Vivaldi, but somewhere in my wanderings in these forums I thought I saw something stating that it isn't unusual to need to update/refresh your user profile after 3 months and/or updates. That within that period enough changes are made that either something gets seriously corrupted or internal keywords are renamed so that stuff just doesn't work any more.

  • A clean reinstall fixed the login problem in Windows 7 as well. But in setting up my Speed Dial entries, I learned that the login at another newspaper site, the Ottawa Citizen, which hadn't worked either, might have been compromised by my blocking something with Ghostery. I was able to get the login at the latter site to work in Opera without a reinstall by playing with the blockages in Ghostery, and deleting the cookies for the site so new cookies would be stored.

    At the end of the day, the reinstall fixed the crashing (so far) but may not have been needed to fix my login problem.


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