How to / when to install Flash in Vivaldi

  • So many times in so many browsers I see Flash plugin disabled, or out of date, or Flash not installed etc. etc. It's so tiring. Now Flash has disappeared with the update to Vivaldi 1.3. So question 1 - is it possible to install Flash ONCE on a computer and have done with it? Every browser uses the ONE installed player and it updates itself? Question 2 - if not, what is the best, least hassle way to install Flash on/under/beside Vivaldi so that it just flipping works?

  • Q 1. With the proviso that different Browsers use different versions of the plug-in (PPAPI & NPAPI). I have Win 10 so IE/Edge uses their own version via Windows Update.

    For Vivaldi I install the PPAPI plug-in from Adobe and then the only maintenance I have is to keep it up to date (I disable auto update for the plug-in)
    If you use e.g. Firefox, then you need to install the NPAPI plug-in as well (a separate installation) so then you will have 2 plug-ins installed.

    Q 2. Install the PPAPI plug-in from Adobe. On Windows PCs Vivaldi will detect and use it automatically.

  • Thanks TbGbe, that worked (although I already had PPAPI Flash from Vivaldi 1.2 so not sure why 1.3 didn't pick it up)


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