Open Downloaded file clears page

  • With Version 1.3 came a new "feature". Clicking on the "open" button on a downloaded file, to launch the associated application to use the file, caused the current page to be cleared, i.e. become a blank page. Not even the option of going "back" was there as the page history was disconnected, as evident in the back button being greyed out as inactive. Save/Save as behaved as expected, but that just creates extra steps in the download process which is less than desirable. ā€¦ back to version 1.2 (at least for now).

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    Unable to reproduce this here on Windows 10 with the latest Snapshot RC1, which is essentially the same as the Final build.

  • I have reproduced this issue somewhat on 1.3.551.30 (Stable channel) (32-bit), Windows 10. Actually the issue is worse for me:

    As soon as the Open/Save/Save As dialog box appears, the page is rendered blank.

  • Until it's fixed by Viv team, here's a workaround
    don't forget to thank den_po šŸ™‚


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