Can "Switch to address" open a background tab?

  • Hi, sometimes there are "non-active" links on websites (e.g. comments sections). These are just a typed URL without any a href tags, so you can't click them. With old Opera, as in current Vivaldi one can mark such a text-link, then press RMB, select "go to adress" and go there. With old Opera, one could also hold the Ctrl-Key when choosing "go to address", and the link would open in a background tab. This does not work with current Vivaldi. Is there another way to get such non-links opened in a background tab?

  • Sorry - my mistake. Don't know what I've been doing before, but right now it works in Vivaldi 1.3.551.28, just as it should! Select the text, right click to get the menu, and right click OR ctrl-left-click on "go to (url)…" opens the address in a background tab. Shift-LMB opens the link in a new window, plain LMB in a new foreground tab.

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