and render wrong, dropping text

  • I don't know whether this problem exists in other operating systems, but it is a real problem for me on Mac OSX 10.11.6. Two of the primary business sites I use, and, render incorrectly in Vivaldi/Chrome, dropping essential text that renders fine in Firefox/Safari. See attached for a sample from TripIt. Any help will be appreciated. [attachment=4227]vivaldi-rendering-problem.png[/attachment] Attachments: [img][/img]

  • and now I see the problem exists in as well:

  • When I just went to and clicked on the "Check in" date field, the calendar looked fine and was not missing the name of the month, as shown in your screenshot (tested with 1.3 stable). Does the calendar always look for you like it does in your screenshot or do you have to do certain steps beforehand? Also, are you experiencing this on the actual site or on a country specific site that you get redirected to?

    It's curious that you experience the problem both in Chrome and in Vivaldi – do you have the same browser extension(s) installed for both of them and if yes, have you tried to temporarily disable them?

  • Thank you so much for the reply.

    Irony of ironies, the exact same problem appears in this forum window (see attached screenshot) - the submit/preview/cancel text is missing so I am now answering from Firefox.
    I have checked all my browsers to make sure there aren't any extra extensions enabled. I've attached screenshots showing the enabled extensions in Chrome and Vivaldi.
    I once again went to, clicked on flights and selected the calendar field and it is still missing text, as usual (screenshot attached).
    The versions are up-to-date:
    Vivaldi 1.3.551.30 (Stable channel) (64-bit)
    Version 52.0.2743.116 (64-bit)

  • The first thing I would try, is to disable all your extensions in Vivaldi (and maybe just in case restart Vivaldi afterwards). If the pages work normally with all your extensions disabled, you can individually reactivate them one-by-one to see which one is causing these issues.

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    Caveat: Sometimes disabling extensions does not keep them from gumming up the works. Sometimes they have to be removed.

  • Apologies for the delay but I wanted to show screenshot proof, now attached. There are no changes, even after disabling all extensions and restarting the browser. Keep in mind that Safari, Firefox and Opera are fine with the same extensions loaded.

    Sadly I can't keep it as my primary browser until this is resolved - too many of my essential business sites are unavailable. If you figure it out, please let me know. I have enjoyed everything else about the browser experience.

  • I would think that the problem should disappear, if you created a new profile. To test this, you would:

    • Quit Vivaldi (via Vivaldi menu->Quit)
    • Restart your Mac (there is a chance that this is not necessary but given the weirdness of this bug, I would definitely do it, just to be safe)
    • In Finder, hold down the ⌥ (Alt) key and click on the "Go->Library" menu item (the Library entry is only shown when you hold down Alt)
    • In the Application Support folder, rename the folder "Vivaldi" to "Vivaldi_old"
    • In the Preferences folder, rename "com.vivaldi.Vivaldi.plist" to "com.vivaldi.Vivaldi_old.plist"
    • Now start Vivaldi, and before you change any settings or install any extension, go to those sites and check if they work now
      (if that didn't help and you want to go back to your old profile, you would basically do the same again, except you would delete the new versions of the Vivaldi folder and the plist file and remove the "_old" from the names of the old versions)

    If that didn't work, the only other cause I could think of would be a system wide plugin (those are different from extensions). If you click on the "Tools->Plugins" menu item in Vivaldi, you can see which plugins are active in Vivaldi. For me, those are only "Chromium PDF Viewer" and "Widevine Content Decryption Module", so you would try disabling all plugins but those two there.

  • I followed all steps to no avail. Attachments show, no change, and my plugins list which shows a disabled Adobe Flash Player (kept available for those sites that require it) and Chromium PDF Viewer.

    Any other ideas? I'm game to try since I prefer this browser in all other ways.

  • That's very peculiar. So there must be either something in your user account or system wide that is causing this issue.

    Testing between those two options is relatively easy: You would simply create a new, temporary user account in System Preferences->Users & Groups, log into that account, and check whether the problem also exists there or not.


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