Salvare le psw nell'esportazioni di speed dial

  • salve a tutti spesse volte, prima di formattare il pc, mi ritrovo ad esportare tanti siti salvati nel estensione fvd speed dial. quello che volevo chiedere e se c'e' la possibilità di salvare anche le rispettive psw. saluti

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    Please post in English in this forum, or provide a translation. There is an Italian forum if you want to use your own language.

    Hello everyone often, before formatting the pc, I find myself in exporting so many sites saved in extension fvd speed dial. I wanted to ask if there 'can also save their psw. regards

    Speed Dials are just bookmarks, so all you need to do is export your bookmarks from the File menu. However, passwords are tied to the User Account, so as far as I know it's not possible to transfer them to a new PC or new account.


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