Loading tabs on startup not working

  • Maybe I don't know the right term for this feature, but I could not find anything about it from settings and searching for help did not help either. I have set Vivaldi to restore my previous session upon start. But this does not really work because I have to actually manually open each tab to have their content reloaded. I would expect same behaviour as other browsers I have used where all tabs are really loaded when the browser is started. This is really annoying when I want to quick check something from I tab left open for that purpose and am forced to stop and wait the loading. (I guess this makes starting the browser faster but I would rather have one longer wait once a day rather than dozens of shorter but way more annoying waitings.) Is there setting or configuration I change to enable this feature? I am using version 1.3.551.30 on Windows 7. (Apparently nothing happens when I hit the Submit-button. Trying again...)

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    Try turning off the option "automatic tab discarding" at vivaldi://flags

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  • I changed automatic tab discarding to disabled and restart Vivaldi for a few times but I can't see any difference with tabs from my presivous session. They are still saved but actual content gets only loaded when I activate the tab.

    Is there anything else I could try?

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    Not that I can think of…

    Vivaldi does not yet have an option to turn off automatic hibernation, and most users want a fast start, not a resource-hungry one.

  • Ok, thanks for information.

    Hopefully it will be added soon, because other than lack of that feature I really like Vivaldi and would like to use it.

  • Most users today have more than adequate RAM (I have 16GB and most I know have 32GB on new machines) so automatic tab discarding is irrelevant to us as it has to do with Vivaldi discarding tabs when system memory gets too low.

    As for loading all tabs saved from last session at startup being resource hungry…gee, do you think most folks still have Windows 98? If you have a good, strong and fast multicore CPU and enough RAM you will never experience the resource problems we all had on Windows 98. Your reason for Vivaldi not allowing for full loading of tabs at startup is incorrect unless I misunderstand what you mean by Vivaldi having serious problems with eating resources on modern computers..

    I, like the OP, think Viivaldi has a lot of promise but it drives me nuts to use it as I have to sit there, after starting it, and take tons of time fully loading 70-100 tabs one by one. That is ridiculous. This is the first browser I have used in many years that did not have a setting in options to allow those who want all tabs fully loaded at start to be able to check that option. It appears to me that Vivaldi is aiming not at the old Opera users ( I am posting from Opera 12.18), but at users who have very few tabs, who are impatient when they start Vivaldi, and who are using Vivaldi on laptops/tablets where they shut the computers down frequently.. I have desktops ONLY by choice and my computers run 24/7/365 so I expect a browser to load all tabs fully upon starting.since I will not shut the browsers down for days or maybe weeks.

    I will stay current with Vivaldi versions and hope that it won't be too long before there is an option to load all tabs fully on start.

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    There is such an option already, in the snapshots of the upcoming version.

  • Great! Looking forward to the upcoming version. 🙂


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