Mouse gesture

  • Hi, in 1.3.551.30 version Vivaldi is removed mouse gesture: new card in background! it is very important for me, and I don't know why this very useful option gone? 🤢 best regards & welcome to everyone! 🙂

  • In my Vivaldi (English) it is the first two choices in the Gesture Dialogue (Note: TAB not CARD ).


    Not sure if other languages might change the position.

  • Yes, but it's something strange: first I installed new version on laptop, than I removed it, and installed preview version - everything is OK.
    After that in home I installed on computer new version… and it's ok with gesture... something strange: win 7x64, the same software, but there's another problem on both computers: folder with speed dial I found in thrash can... I manually restored it to bookmarks.
    I will test a new version on lap in next week, thanks very much.

  • Not quite sure what you are saying, but if you had the latest version and then uninstalled it in order to install an earlier version (preview) then you should ensure that you start it with a clean profile.

  • Everything is OK: I installed once more on lap new version & defined again this gesture and now it works, strange, but favorites & start page are ok too.

    thanks once more.

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