Vivaldi 1.2 stable VS 1.3 RC1 - your opinions?

  • Since Vivaldi RC1 is now out and I took the opportunity to update Vivaldi stable version I've been using until now, I'd like to share my opinion and you guys may as well do the same. [b]Significantly faster and more stable[/b] Version 1.2 was IMO slightly unstable, especially right after being closed. Once or twice even my entire desktop crashed, forcing me to log out and log in again. 1.3 RC1 so far closes much faster and without any trouble, which is good news. [b]Bookmark Menu doesn't cause trouble with "add bookmark" button anymore[/b] In stable version Bookmark Menu caused problems with Add Bookmark button on address bar. The button wasn't working. A bookmark could be added by dragging an icon to bookmarks sidebar. Version 1.3 RC1 fixes that. [b]Thumbnails in Speed Dial are being generated properly[/b] Thumbnail generator in Speed Dial in 1.2 stable was pretty buggy. Some pages just didn't have thumbnails no matter how many times I visited them. Version 1.3 RC1 fixes that. Small thing but nice that it works now. [b]Improved performance in general[/b] May be just my imagination but v. 1.3 RC1 seems to be working much faster than 1.2 and that is always nice.


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