Extreme crashing issues

  • This issue spontaneously started about a week ago. upon entering ANY web page or sometimes doing nothing at all, the browser will repeatedly close and restart itself. sometimes it will do it every 10 seconds or so and other times it behaves just fine. no error messages, no explanation, no clear trigger. my virus scanner turned up nothing, i haven't added any new extensions between the time it was stable and the time this started happening. Vivaldi is completely unusable and i have zero idea why.

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    Clean your profile.

  • i don't know what you are referring to.

    do i have to delete my user data folder or something?

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    With Vivaldi closed, rename the Default folder inside your user data folder. If that fixes it, move your vital data from the old folder to the new. If any item you move back breaks it again, then that is what was wrong. Don't try to move extensions back in. Reinstall them one at a time, and test after each.

  • unfortunately this did not fix it. after renaming the default folder i gave it a simple test by watching something on youtube.

    not 2 minutes pass and it restarts again.

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    Totally weird. Do you run any 3rd party security software?

    Edit: What version number are you running?

  • 1.2.490.43 and i don't think windows security software is 3rd party,

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    If you're running youtube videos full screen, it seems this is a known crasher. I believe Stable version 1.3 which it looks like might be released tomorrow or Monday, should have a fix for this. You said you cleaned your profile, so I am pretty much ruling out a background tab being responsible (sometimes a certain site will crash the browser over and over if you have it open in the background).

    But if it's not related to youtube videos I couldn't guess what it might be. No one else has reported anything similar, so it would be hard to replicate. Perhaps the new version will be the right medicine.

  • i hope so. and the video was run windowed 😕

    we'll see how the new version does.

  • surprisingly the new update fixed whatever was wrong. i just wish i knew what it was.

    here's hoping it doesn't happen again.


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