Magnet App and Vivaldi

  • I am using an app called magnet which organzies window apps. It works fine with other windows but with Vivaldi it sometimes doesn't work at all. For example you can grab a window and pull it to the edge of either side of the desktop and that window will only occupy half of the screen. But with Vivaldi sometimes nothing happens... Though sometimes it works Thx

  • Moderator

    That just sounds like Windows "snap" function which always works with Vivaldi. That said, did you try the Vivaldi setting to "use native window?"

  • That's a bit hard to test because it doesn't happen too often and since I have to quit and restart Vivaldi I wouldn't know if quitting and restarting is actually making it work… Plus I really don't like the Native Window 🙂

  • Ok I tested it and it seems that the Native Window setting fixes it but I really don't like that view…

    Not that magnet is important to me but thought I'd bring this issue you up to you guys



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