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  • Backspace key does not step backward in page history for the current tab open. When in full screen view mode, you have to exit each time to select the back arrow key at top left of screen. Clumsy. Some pages will not back up...and some will - intermittent.

  • I agree. I too cannot live without backspace…

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    And yet, it works perfectly for me every time.

    Is there anything atypical about your installation, do you use extensions, etc?

  • Well, I use adblock, but even without it Backspace does not work. I tried changing the shortcut key for going back to previous page, as there are already some shortcut keys defined. But I couldn't input backspace, because, well, pressing backspace just clears the field 🙂

    Ubuntu 15.04 latest snapshot here. Backspace works in all other browsers.

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    Yes - Ubuntu is a totally atypical installation for Windows. As you posted this under "Vivaldi for Windows," I thought you were probably on a Windows platform.

    There is a backspace bug in Linux, and I'm pretty sure the developers are aware of it. I see it in my Lubuntu X86 install.

    Unfortunately, can only counsel patience at this point.

  • In linux often some tricks are used to swap backspace and delete keys (it's a long, complicated story)

    And looks like every distro does it in a slightly different way, so is pretty common to have some glitches when the backspace key is taken in account.

  • nice information
    thanks all


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