Things We Would Like To See

  • [b]Session Saving[/b] • Being able to save sessions and open them later [b]Built In Referencing[/b] •Being able to reference all tabs saved in a session Please add more in discussion

  • I would like the main tab (in the case of stacked tabs) to match the name of the saved session.

  • Moderator

    Saving and opening of saved sessions is already available on the File menu.

    More features are needed, and no doubt will be added later.

  • A clean cache feature, I hate having to manually reload each webpage to get a fresh version each restored session

  • A smoother way to open a tab in a new tab, preferably being able to just drag it out like in Chrome would be amazing..

    Also improved scaling on the web panels is also a must for me. I regularly use web panels for SoundCloud and Gmail and often lose certain buttons from them being cut off. This may be down to SoundCloud and Gmail perfecting compatibility with Vivaldi, but it's a shame that it's so difficult to favourite something I'm listening to in the Web Panel.

    I still honestly can't see myself ever moving away from Vivaldi, absolutely loving the new 1.3 update.

  • There's already a topic on this, but I'll mention it anyway because it's the feature I'd most like to see: private tabs.

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    There is a Feature Requests topic for all of these.

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