Some GIFs don't load in good quality or load at all whilst Chromium loads them perfectly

  • I have a problem with Vivaldi and GIFs. As the title suggests, some either load with crap quality or they do not load at all. I was surprised to see that on the same machine Chromium loads them perfectly so I guess I must have all the necessary bits installed, but they're not being used correctly by Vivaldi and it's just a question of settings. I don't want to switch to Chromium just for GIFs as I only really look at them when procrastinating so I 'd rather find a solution. For GIFs that load in poor quality, it's more evident the longer it is so I guess there is some compression going on that I don't want. An example would be: - I only notice the poor quality problem on 9gag, haven't had a problem with low quality GIFs anywhere else. Elsewhere GIFs sometimes don't load at all and they're usually links from imgur, e.g. If anyone could direct me where I can play around with settings to fix this I'd be grateful! I've already looked several times through the settings options, but I didn't find a plausible candidate for this. I use Arch Linux with Plasma, with all software up-to-date as of the time of posting. As a sidenote I had the same problem on Opera on the same machine - it was just never critical enough for me to bother fixing. Now that I switched browsers, I will be more demanding :P

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    These links are not GIF images! That are videos.
    Chrome 52 loads same quality as Vivaldi 1.3.

    May be your Linux codecs are not correct.
    Please read

  • That is something I did not know…

    Funnily enough I actually fixed the problem shortly after posting this even though I could not come up with a solution for several weeks on Opera. It has nothing to do with the version of Vivaldi. I noticed that the AUR has a package called vivaldi-ffmpeg-codecs so I figured I'll give them a try and it worked. Turns out Opera has a similar package on Arch. I was puzzled, because I knew ffmpeg were video codecs, but it just did not occur to me that neither of those were GIFs... This meant that I was googling for the wrong thing the whole time. It worked on chromium, because it must come with them bundled or as a dependency.

    Thanks for the reply anyway. It really clarified this whole thing for me!

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