Faux native window mode

  • The "native window" mode is a load of bollocks. After activating it, it still looks nothing like my OS. I'm using Windows 7 with bbLean, all aero/transparencies/shadows etc eye candy disabled. Screenshot (Vivaldi windows on left, some random native windows on the right): [img size=700]http://i.imgur.com/DuClsCT.png[/img] Google Chrome has the exact same issue, which is why I've never used it. Apparently if you don't use aero on Windows 7, Chrome thinks you're running XP and draws a custom baby blue window. Detecting a wrong OS isn't even the issue, the issue is that windows should be managed/rendered by the OS, not a browser. Please add support for actual native window frames.

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  • you can bump as many times you want, you have to use the bugtracker to add your implementation requests

  • This might also be the reason why I can't access windows` taskbar when vivaldi is maximized.
    They really should use native windows.

  • So you're using a non standard WM for windows and the problem is Vivaldi? 😉

    First, to me seems pretty obvious that a tweak like that can be the source of compatibility problems.

    Second, the purpose of the native mode is to fix some compatibility problems for users who are running utilities that may have problems with the standard mode, say multimonitor management utilities and and things like that.

    IMO using the native mode if you haven't any compatibility problem is just a good way to waste some vertical space which, especially on 16/9 monitors, is always precious.

    Third, unless you're using a very old VGA card, disabling aero does the opposite of the usual intended scope.
    It leads just to a slower machine and often to more resources used.

    Disabling aero was a good thing in the early Vista days, the OS itself was immature, and the needed WDDM drivers where almost always buggy, whit the result of poor performances, wasted resources and so on.

    But that was the AD 2007 or so, after almost a decade the scenario is completely different.

  • native window works for me on multiple win 10 installs and multiple linux distros. i actually like native window better on windows, with the "change taskbar and startmenu color" option in settings. everytime the slideshow of wallpapers changes, so does the vivaldi margin. often native color is the same as system color for me, as i tend to choose dark themes for both.

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