Please provide a quick method to choose audio output device

  • Since I use Vivaldi and other browsers to view TV and play radio, i am alsways pissed that all browsers including Vivaldi just play to the standard device. So when I have Chrome to view TV on my TV screen (connected to HDMI), i want to listen to radio on my laptop or DisplayPort connected screen. Basically, I want at least the Vivaldi instance to be able to CHOOSE anytime on what device it should output. Even better yet, if I could do that for each tab. My machine (Laptop, connected to one DP and one HDMI, so 3 screens, 3 audio speakers) is always running and has 2 vivaldis open with each about 40 tabs and for TV i must use Chrome because Vivaldi cannot play my TV providers. I know Vivadli can do this .. since VLC can also choose any output device. But please to it MORE conveniently ... Thanks Martin


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