Q about 3 month lasting history issues

  • hello, before i start english is my second language so words might not be correct, and yet i haven't understand how this forum works.... i'm not sure if its the right place to ask, and give feed back to the vivaldi team and not sure about the categories too... so pardon me about that ----------------------------- I was a firefox user, reason i didn't used chrome browser was that it is hard to check and search the old history data... unable to scroll and do not show how many time you have visited the page just yesterday i knew about vivaldi is released and i really like it, i started immigration from firefox, and knew that there was no history data older than 3 month ago a blog told me history interface and system of vivaldi was same as that of chrome, and the history only last for 3 months.... which means worse than chrome... some people say that all chrome based browsers have that problems... so what i need to know is that [b]1, will vivaldi team be able to fix 3 month only history issue? 2. can vivaldi team make history interface better than chrome?[/b] (if possible... better than firefox please... like when you check the history, it shows every single time you visit it for ex, you visit this page 4times, and its feb.2 feb.5, 141104,141220, like that.. ) i really need that feature... i open 400tabs a time... so its impossible for me to check history page one by one

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    Vivaldi will have its own History panel.

    I doubt that it will change the history retention time of the Chromium engine, at least any time soon.

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    There's not much wrong with your English, but there are Local Forums if you prefer to post in your own language.

    Extension like History Plus might help you. I don't use it myself.

    Post your Feature Request in the Bug Report Wizard.


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