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  • Year ago I have made [url=] topic [/url] about it but my screen shots were unreadable because of forum compression. Now, I have made crude prototype of vertical tab cycler similar to the one in O12. I know there are some users of tab cycling feature, so I think it's good time to talk about it. Tell me what to change/ improve or do it yourself. If we do this, rather than usual begging I believe it would be easier for developers thus faster implemented. [img][/img] Files in .zip: few images, 1 html, 1 css. There might be some unnecessary things in the code because I'm beginner when it comes to html&css, most things were copy/paste from w3schools stie. Attachments: [img][/img]

  • A vertical tab list cycler is one of the features I'm waiting for in Vivaldi, so I really want one. I want one that works just like O12, where there is a vertical list, and I can also turn on right-click scrolling without having to have scroll on tab bar turned on.

    Your list looks fine, but I don't get the "tab in stack" part. I know it's a tab in the tab stack, but couldn't it just show the tab's title? The arrow and line are also distracting. O12 didn't have any of that, or even indents, but I wouldn't mind at least indented title as part of a tab stack.

    What are the "recently selected tab" and "active/current tab" for? The recently selected tab, which is probably used to go back to tab in used order, would be used if the user selected the option to cycle through tabs in recently used order instead of cycling through them in display order.

    So I could do without those two options listed there, as well as the unread indicators, as I don't use those as well. I don't need the "not visited yet" as I'd like it to show mostly what's already on the tab bar, like O12 did.

    I also like thumbnails of each tab beside the list, which helps indicate the selected tab as well.

    I haven't used your prototype, but I'd love to be able to set my own keyboard shortcuts for going left and right through tabs in display order like I already do in Vivaldi, but by using the vertical tab list like I would in O12. Basically, I'd like a vertical tab list cycler that works exactly like O12's did.

    Thanks for bringing this up, as I hope this will make the vertical tab list cycler in Vivaldi faster implemented as well!

  • O12 has recently selected tab and(its in firefox extension) current tab indicators but so subtle that you didn't even know about them.

    I want cycler to be able to replace tab bar. In O12 it was useful up to around 30 tabs, probably because scrolling became cumbersome at this point. People who are used to use 100+ tabs could also benefit from it's new incarnation. To achieve this I think that you need to be able to select tab by hovering over with the cursor, release RMB to switch.

    The arrow could be clickable to collapse the stack. you should be able to close and rearrange tabs too.

  • Ah, didn't quite know about recently used tabs. I'm the type of person who cycles in tab display order only, so I probably didn't notice the option in there. But having tabs cycled in display order for me worked perfectly in the vertical list tab cycler.

    I liked the way O12 did it. I didn't have that many tabs, but I agree that there should at least have the settings available for the features you put in so that the vertical list tab cycler can replace the tab bar. So there should be the option to have the tab stack automatically collapsed or collapseable in the settings.

    Other than that, I can't wait for a vertical tab list cycler to be implemented. One at the very least that looks and acts just like O12's, but with extra functionality to innovate it later on.

  • Bump with new version with scripted functionality.

    Now if anyone wants, you can edit live on codepen you dont need to download anything.

    I was able to implement most things that i want except tab stacks for now.

    alt text

    Known issues:

    • It is blurry in chromim based browsers when loader animation is active and blurrier in general than in FF.
    • Some problems with tab stack

  • You will never be able to install it into vivaldi. I did it to test my ideas and ask what other want in it. It's just a rough "sketch" of good tab cycler. Hopefully vivaldi developers will learn from this thread and implement good vertical cycler. I have made another version that mimics O12 cycler but i don't work on it anymore, maybe I will post it later.

    It wouldn't work as browser extension because of webextensions restrictions. It might be possible with hooks like these but I'm not skilled enough to do it. I basically learned javascript for this and it took me around 300h.

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