Is a ticket actually updated when we email a reply to a JIRA bug submission notification?

  • I'm not sure which sub-forum is actually right for this, but it's something that would be useful for me and probably others to know. After getting a JIRA notification for a bug report I've submitted, a couple of times I've replied to it with some slight self-correction or further information I realized might be helpful. I know JIRA [i]can[/i] be [url=]configured to accept such emails as comments on existing issue threads[/url], but since Vivaldi's bug tracking is entirely opaque to outside submitters (other than sending us an initial confirmation email that the bug has been submitted), I don't know if these email replies get seen by anyone or just dropped into a void.

  • Moderator

    The mails dnt disappear in teh void! Don't be afraid.

    Reply to the JIRA mail from the reported bug and the content will get into bugtracker.
    These new entries in Bugtracker can be seen by all Vivaldi's devs and internal testers (like me and others).

  • Thank you, Gwen-Dragon; I'm happy to hear that those poor little emails were not eaten by a grue. 😉


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