Permanent modification of the "Accept-Language" header

  • Hello, I would like to force all web pages to display their English version. I would like to permanently remove the other languages besides the English that are sent in the "Accept-Language" header. Any idea how to achieve this? There are extensions which can allow me to modify the headers that are sent but generally they are designed for development/testing purposes and work on request/session basis. I would like a more permanent solution. Any ideas?

  • Moderator

    A "not so nice" workaround:
    1. Open chrome://settings/languages
    2. Delete in left list all languages except English

    Now the browser sends
    Accept-Language: en

  • Thanks, but you are right - not very nice WU. I guess this will disable the spellcheck for the other languages as well. I heavily use the spellcheck so this is a no-go.

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