Something that could be serious

  • So I was using vivaldi and noticed that a new development update was available I believe it was 1.3.551.17 upon installation of the update something very strange happened every time i tried to create a shortcut on the desktop it would paste 3 files now I know this is something to do with vivaldi because it comes back when i re-install the browser and goes away when i uninstall it and restart my pc whether this is some kind of malware attached to the browser or a very bizzare bug with the browser itself it has caused me to have to stop using the browser as other issues are present such as things like program installations taking ages because for some reason they were being limited to 0.1 MB/s not sure if related or not but again this goes away when I uninstall the browser and restart my pc. If anyone has any insights or help that is appreciated greatly. Attachments: [img][/img]

  • What OS are you using? Did you perform the update to the new version (1.3.551.17) from within the existing Vivaldi version or download/install it 'separately' from the earlier version? Finally, was the earlier Vivaldi version a Stable or Snapshot version?


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