[REQ] Drag complete folders from speed dial to other locations

  • It is possible to drag a speed dial folder to the bookmark toolbar. Currently (1.2.490.43) it results in an empty folder in the toolbar while it should be an exact copy of the speed dial folder imho. Even better would be if Vivaldi would ask if the folder should be copied or moved. It would also be nice if dragging would work from speed dial main area to the toolbar of speed dial, where I can access the browser history and add new speed dial pages. In this scenario there should be two features: 1. Dragging any speed dial entry (including folders) to an existing speed dial page will move that entry to this specific page. Again it would be nice if Vivaldi would ask for copy / move. 2. Dragging a folder to an empty space on the speed dial page bar will result in adding a new speed dial page with the folder's name. This new page contains all items previously contained in the dragged folder. Again Vivaldi should ask for copy / move. The default behaviour in all these scenarios should be moving for simple LMB dragging and copying for CTRL-LMB dragging (like Windows Explorer behaves).

  • Moderator

    Open the Bookmarks Panel to drag folders or bookmarks to your Bookmarks Bar folder.

    Even easier is to use the right-click menu option.



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