[REQ] UI-Button to toggle JavaScript enabled

  • I'd like to have a switch button or checkbox (preferred) that I can drag to the status bar and that will enable / disable JavaScript. Advanced implementation would have a user defined whitelist backing this function. In that whitelist I can add sites (URLs) or even domains to allow JS. For adding a URL to that whitelist there should be either a context menu item (RMB-menu) or a button in the adressbar (next to the bookmark buttons seems reasonable).

  • Click the Site Info button in the URL field to disable Javascript for the current page.


  • Moderator

    Open in Vivaldi chrome://settings/content
    Disable Javascript to blacklist JS
    Add exceptions to whitelist JS on domains

  • Thanks, but this isn't as good as the good old Opera. Just by disabling JS, I can immediately save pics that JS prevents on some websites.


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