Gmail integration with Bullhorn CRM (similar to Salesforce)

  • I use Bullhorn CRM form my business. Similar to Salesforce. The integration with Gmail is not working with Vivaldi. It is a window at the bottom of email that interconnects gmail to the Bullhorn CRM to move attachments to contacts or make notes for a contact in the CRM database. I would like to be able to move our business over to Vivaldi but need the integration to work to do so. Stuck with Chrome until then. summary of function: - Access the latest information about who they’re emailing: While in their inbox, users can see their contacts’ most recent notes, resumes, and job orders. - Take action without switching applications: Users can handle common sales and recruiting tasks directly within their inbox. - Automatically track all candidate and client emails: decreases wasting time on extra clicks. Work from any computer or smartphone device: no annoying plugins or software downloads thanks to Bullhorn’s fully Web-based SaaS offering. - Parse resumes, add notes, and create new tasks: enter information directly into the Bullhorn ATS/CRM. The company said its email integration empowers users to improve the efficiency of their communications and focus on money-making activities instead of administrative tasks.

  • well for the result i suggest you visit official website of salesforce

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    @JamieMc Such problems are often caused by bad browser detection. Besides reporting that issue to the webmaster, the user agent can be changed using Developer Tools.

    1. Click on the 3 vertical dots and select More tools, Network Conditions:

    0_1543576387561_Network Conditions.png

    1. Select the User Agent at the bottom of that page:

    0_1543576424111_Chrome User Agent.png


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