Fatal bug/error

  • Thank you for this browser! Even though this is only a tech preview, browser is performing fine. However there is a fatal error that can drive people insane. Steps: 1 - I used browser for several hours 2 - I opened the settings menu 3 - I deselected settings menu so it is still open in the background 4 - I closed the browser 5 - Settings menu was still open 6 - I closed the settings menu Now, if I try to open the browser again, only settings menu is appearing even though processes (vivaldi.exe) are visible in task manager. It is impossible to see the browser window, only settings windows is visible. -> SOLUTION : Reinstalling the Vivaldi twice solved it!

  • Have you tried pressing Ctrl+N?

  • Yes, I have tried keyboard shortcuts, Vivaldi icon jumplist (the menu when you right click on the icon), HTML files and web shortcuts. But none of them worked.

  • i have the same problem, even trying to open new tab or window doesn't help

  • Moderator

    Please read others similar posts

    known bug

    Use CTRL+N to open new window next to Settings window


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