Randomly, websites refuse to visually load, but is still loaded in the background

  • I don't know what I need to look for about this, but I noticed when trying out 1.3.534.3 that I would have very often websites just not wanting to load visually, but if I move my mouse over spots, it has elements at the spots (if I memorized them) that react the way they should leading me to believe that the website is loaded, but its not rendering. I went back down to 1.3.519.25 until a fix could happen since i saw something about rendering issues in the comments. I decided to delve up into the updates and go to 1.3.551.13 of the snapshots and for the most part, it seemed like it was running fine for about a day. Today, I decided to go to a website and the return of seeing nothing on a page happened again except it doesn't seem to happen to every website. So far, it seems to be anything that has a background color other than white that makes it not show anything, but once again, I can move my mouse over spots and see it shows me the icons for clicking and what not. Reloading the tab doesn't fix it. Closing the page and reopening it as a new tab doesn't fix it. Closing Vivaldi and Reopening it will allow me to get to the websites and fully loaded. Starting to question if it is a rendering issue and if so, how to temporarily fix it that is less hinderance until a full solution is found? Basic Specs Windows 10 Professional 64-bit Vivaldi 64-bit AMD Radeon R7 260X (16.6.2) I5-4690 16GB DDR3-2133

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    Sounds as though you have a profile corruption or an extension or extensions mucking things up.

  • But why would it just fix itself completely if I downgrade to an older snapshot?

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    Unknown. But try the newer version with a clean profile. If you are using extensions, and you re-install them one at a time, you may find the one that isn't working right with the newer version.

    Sometimes, just refreshing the profile, the problem will magically go away even with the problem extension newly installed.

    I use a brother printer. I got an email from them today that the new Win 10 update is going to break their printer management software. The solution? Uninstall and reinstall the management software after the update is done. Makes no sense, right? All the software is the "same," but now it's only compatible on new install. I had a number of "obsolete" programs on my old computer that continued to work perfectly after upgrading to Win 10. But now on a new Win 10 computer, it's no longer possible to install ANY of those obsolete programs, even in compatibility mode. They all fail with "this program will not work on Windows 10" or similar.

    Who can tell just how these things happen? But a new profile is often like magic.

  • Guess I'll try it. Funny thing though. I went and clicked the e-mail for the notification. I had a black rendered page, but I know I was on this page cause I saw the cursor change to a text select cursor. I was thinking "great… now I gotta restart Vivaldi."
    Before I clicked the X button, I then realized I still had the tab open. I went to it and just clicked the topic up top and it loaded the page fully rendered. Interesting that a new tab opening the page rendered dark color with nothing visually on it, but the same page still opened on another tab didn't have the issue.

    Just hard when to me it seems very random on the cause of the issue, but the issue is still the same when it happens and you're more annoyed that you can't just try to record it to force it to happen so that you can report it. You know?

  • Alright, time for the update. It unfortunately did not change it. It seemed to run fine. Checked every so often after adding an extension. When done, It never came up. So I decided to go ahead with relogging into everything. I had a mention of an app to try with lastpass so I decided to tell it to send me an e-mail so I can look into it. I went to my gmail, found the link and clicked it. The page did the exact same thing as before.

    Hmm… But come to think about it... right now it seems its doing that to every webpage that is opened in gmail. But going to the same site through a newtab and its fine.

    As I type that and dig through, I try something. I went on to twitter real fast and saw someone post a link. If I right click and click the link to go to a new tab, its fine. Its a redirect. If I left click it to just let it open the page, it seems it does the issue as I have described. Hmm. Interesting. Maybe there is a link here?

  • Ok, I think I figured it out. On a hunch, I had a moment where just regular clicking to bring up a new tab did indeed bring up the new tab with the all grey look. Remembering about the background of the theme, I switched tabs and told the affected tab to go hibernate. I click the tab and then suddenly it loaded. I THINK somehow a tab that has been hibernated will sometimes carry that in a new tab for some reason.

  • I have been having this same experience on 3 Windows machines, even after I disabled the extensions it loads but just shows a white/blank screen. More frequently it happens when I clone a tab and it happens to the new tab; deleting profile means we lose BMs and all settings right

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    @rojaviv Deleting a profile means that, but refreshing a profile does not. You get to keep all of your data.

  • @ayespy So that's basically the same as saving and re-importing the profile; ok will try it.

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    @rojaviv NO - Do not re-import the profile - only the critical data. If the profile is b0rked, re-importing it only causes the problem all over again.

  • @ayespy Gotcha...Thanks!


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