Connecting/Waiting for server indicator is missing

  • Vivaldi is missing indicator to show that something is going on when it's waiting for server's reply but no data has been received so far. Chrome in such cases shows messages in status bar when it's waiting for server like "Connecting to XXX...." or "Waiting for XXX..." when connected but waiting for data and also shows a spinner in place of tab icon. In Vivaldi user just stares at an empty page trying to guess what exactly is going on. Example is on attached screenshot. Yesterday forum was down for some time and while waiting for CloudFront to reply I would stare at an empty page with no indicators if it's even loading. I would expect status bar to show "Connecting to" at that moment so I could see that browser is trying to connect to server. Attachments: [img][/img]

  • The only way to see that something is happening, is the reload icon which changes to cancel icon.

    But that's not even a poor workaround. I'm missing the indicator since my first use of Vivaldi.

  • I believe this behavior was introduced with version 1.3.
    In version 1.2, the progress bar in the address would just fill, but not start moving during the 'connecting to' phase. A full blue bar in the address bar indicated that something was going to happen.
    I'm hoping this behavior from version 1.2 will return, or that some other kind of indicator will tell me the browser is attempting to connect to the website.

    EDIT: thanks for the tip, revargne!


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