Few bugs which make work with Vivaldi harder

  • Hi there! I used to use Vivaldi back in the beta times like 1.5 year ago but due to lack of many major features I was forced to say STOP to it. As I realized the beta is gone and now we have a new, stable version I've decided to give it a try once again, but again - as much as I love some features of Vivaldi it still make it hard to work with. [b]Keyboard shortcuts[/b] That is the first time I see something like that, on one side - you can customize shortcuts as much as you want, but on the other hand - the work globaly. I mean, literally globaly. For example when I am using an ajax web application and trying to save it with CTRL+S it doesn't work, instead - file/page saving window popup. Another example - writing a post in WYSIWYG editor and using ctrl+b to bold part of it - bookmarks window appears. So far, other browsers was able to detect if I am in i.e. textarea, Vivaldi can't. Ofcourse I can change shortcuts but that's not how it should be working. [b]Status bar[/b] It is really hard to see if the page is loading or not. Ofcourse, if site is loading properly you can even see how many elements left to finish, but if i.e. you lost the internet connection what you see is ... nothing, not even sure if I clicked enter or not etc. [b]Panel bar[/b] That is really a great thing, really. There is just one problem - its position is fixed changing my view resolution so i.e. in the speed dial I have 4 sites/icons in the row instead of five. It's not a big deal if you have big screen, but if you're working on a notebook it's annyoing as hell. Just make it position absolute or something. Cheers!


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