Pixel Perfect Scrolling

  • Hey! So what happened to pixel perfect scrolling? I just noticed that scrolling with a touchpad now is pretty choppy (again..). Presumably this stems from a Blink update? (Since Chrome does the same) Anybody is used to pixel perfect scrolling that can confirm? Or maybe has a way to restore native scrolling again? I'm on an Asus Zenbook, Manjaro Gnome Edition

  • Do you mean scrolling one pixel at a time, e.g. to a specific position on the page? The Smooth Scrolling option seems to add a slight animation to scrolling but that's all. Zooming in may increase the visual jerkiness in scrolling.

  • Yes, exactly, one pixel at a time.
    Some Chrome versions & Vivaldi did that for a while but with newer updates it seems they just went back to line-based scrolling, which in my opinion, is really annoying for touchpads. Smooth Scroll is kind of a make-shift solution, since it's still line based and feels really slow.

    As I said .. I don't think that's Vivaldi's fault in any way, it's probably something to do with the underlying engine, I just thought to ask, if somebody new something about it here?


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