Permanent Vivaldi corruption when visiting Foundation grids

  • WARNING do NOT go on the link i provide below without reading the whole post ! Hi there Vivaldi community. I'm a big fan of Vivaldi, using it on a daily basis for web development and design. I happily ditched Chrome, and even came back from Opera (which had major issues with videos and some other complaints bug whatever). Yesterday i had the VERY bad surprise when trying to get the documentation of Foundation 6 from Zurb. I just wanted to have more information on the grid system, and… well, all my windows get frozen. Like pure white, and NO way to close any window or tab. The only option i had, was to close Vivaldi. AND the sad thing is, when relaunching it, the problem is here again. So yeah, stuck like really stuck. My only found workaround : going to application support, and deleting all the preferences. (and man, that hurts. All plugins gone, all shortcuts gone… i just wanted to erase the openned tabs history.) FYI i'm working on a powerful Mac. I thought i had opened too much windows at first. So, i tried again to navigate… and again, white screen unresponsive. Tried again, yeah. I have only this issue with this particular page. SO. My guess is, that some javascript is not handled correctly (which is VERY strange…), or even that Zurb got hacked somehow ? Maybe also the javascript or other scripts on that page do interact with some configuration on my machine ? Fact is, going again on this site = white death to me. So, i strongly advise you NOT TO GO to the page in question if you are not prepared to lose all your preferences in Vivaldi. I will try again, and will backup my preferences folder before doing so. Vivaldi team, can you look into that ? I attached a screenshot of the google page leading to the pages in question. It's "the grid" or "grid" that do cause the issue. Thanks very much for you work BTW, really loving the application ! Mat Attachments: [img][/img]

  • I'm very sorry to hear that you lost your profile information.

    I have a bunch of Vivaldi standalone versions on my computer purely for testing purposes, so I was able to test those links without fear of losing valuable profile data. For me, both the links "The Grid" and "Grid" as well as multiple other pages on that site worked fine and did not cause any issues at all. I tested both the 1.2 stable release as well as a current internal build.

    Could you tell us, with which Vivaldi version you encountered the issue?

    Also, if you haven't actually deleted your old Vivaldi folder in Application Support, you might be able to selectively delete only the file(s) where the opened tabs are stored. I've never done that so I am completely shooting into the dark here, but maybe deleting/renaming the following two files would already do the trick:
    ~/Library/Application Support/Vivaldi/Default/Last Session
    ~/Library/Application Support/Vivaldi/Default/Last Tabs
    If those don't work, you can try others, just make sure you duplicate Application Support/Vivaldi first before you start deleting anything. 🙂

  • Hi there and thanks for the answer !

    I backuped the application support folder and did try again to reach these URL. I went on "the grid", and same stuff happenned. Froze, windows disappeared like minimised, and when clicking on the icon, white windows appeared. No way to close the tabs, the windows, or the app (only right-click close on the menu worked).

    I'm using Vivaldi :

    Vivaldi 1.2.490.43 () (64-bit)
    Revision aa7c8d23c098e96a388ffedf6698230bda650bb3
    OS Mac OS X
    Blink 537.36 (@aa7c8d23c098e96a388ffedf6698230bda650bb3)
    JavaScript V8

    On an OSX hackintosh, 64bits, OSX 10.11.2 3.5Ghz core i5, 16G ram. Videocard is geforce gtx 960 with 2048M.

    Luckily, copy pasting the application folder back into place did bring me back all my preferences and plugins. Huzzah !

    In attached doc, an illustration of what i mean by a white browser.
    NB : i have this issue only with Zurb foundation website at the moment. Not a big deal, but i'm affraid it might happen to other sites !



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