Vivaldi forces Windows 7 to reload all taskbar icons on its startup

  • Hi everyone, I'm new to these forums and I hope to find someone who could give me a helping hand here. I have this strange issue where Vivaldi forces all icons on my taskbar (Windows 7 Ultimate x64) to if it was installing something every time I stat the browser. It also takes forever and a day for the browser to start. I mean...seriously, it's running off an SSD. I also remember seeing CPU use go through the roof after clicking the Vivaldi icon. Very strange behavior - ok, ok...use that CPU TO DO SOMETHING...don't keep me waiting wondering what's going on and why everything is so damn slow with nothing new on my screen. I will update this with more details as they come to my mind and as I keep playing with this bug I'm experiencing. High level system specs: Windows Se7en Ultimate x64 FX-8350 @stock 32GB of RAM SSD 830 128GB (all on one main partition, 23.8GB of which are free, apart from 28GB of OP) Multiple HDDs, all defragged. Have scanned system with 360 Total Security (multi engine: Avira, Bitdefender...), Malwarebytes, AdwCleaner

  • First thing to do is test with a new profile
    Menu/Help/About, and the line "Profile Path" tells you where the folder is.

    In Win 10 it's usually users/you/appdata/local/vivaldi/user data/default.

    Re-naming this Default folder will save it so you don't lose anything.
    Then start Vivaldi and it automatically create a new default profile and if that fixes your problem, then you can start moving/copying your data from the re-named Default folder into the new one.

    This will check that the problem is not caused by

    1. extension(s)
    2. topsites files

    Which are the most common causes of heavy load.

    If this does not clear the problem, keep the "clean" profile while you give us full details of which Vivaldi version you are using (e.g. screenshot of Help/About)

  • Thank you for your reply.
    I've done exactly as you said, but the problem persists. I'm gonna admit now the first icon line on my taskbar (I have 3 of them) reloads the icons much more quickly but then as soon as the second row of icons is reloaded things get slow as they used to be - that's probably due to Vivaldi having no extensions now.

    I'm using the latest version of the browser. I'm on Windows 7 Ultimate SP1.

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