[bug/regression] FR locale - "bookmarks" text

  • Vivaldi 1.3.551.13 x64 on Win10 x64, French locale Missing translations from previous builds are fixed, thanks 🙂 ! However, a new bug has appeared : [b]Bookmarks [/b]should appear as [b]Signets[/b] but instead appears as "[i]des signets bien pratiques[/i]" ([i]very useful bookmarks[/i], more or less). Looks like a search&replace error somewhere in the localization file... (Or is Vivaldi starting to congratulate itself ? :P) It appears in [b]the hover from the panel[/b], in [b]the speed dial[/b] and also in [b]menu > tools[/b]. I guess this is nomal since they probably all share the same string resource. See attached screenshot. Attachments: [img]https://forum.vivaldi.net/uploads/attachments/16857/Capture.png[/img]

  • Still present in latest build (1.3.551.17, x64 /FR on Windows 10, x64)

  • Still exists in 1.3.551.21 (x64), on Windows 10 x64. Reported using the bugreport form.

  • Moderator

    Developers have taken note. Keep an eye on upcoming releases.

  • Thanks Ayespy, I'll do.

    Edit : Fixed in 1.3.551.27, Thanks 🙂

  • Reopening : this has come back in both latest stable build (1.4.589.11) and dev build (1.4.589.4), although with a different text "des signets très pratiques" (it was "… bien pratiques" before), that still roughly translates to "very useful bookmarks".

    Edit :
    …and, closing again : seems fixed in today's version (1.5.604.4).


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