Minor bug report - menu button remains in clicked state after being used

  • Looks like the browser remembers the state of a menu button after the button is being used and remembers it until the next time you use it: [img]https://i.imgsafe.org/0a8000496d.png[/img]

  • I got an opposite effect.

    After activating the menu and restarting Vivaldi 1.3.551.13 I found that hovering a menu item gave the highlight (as expected), but when moving the cursor away from the menu without clicking left the highlight as your screenshot shows.
    But if I did click on a menu item, then the highlight was removed as expected. Thereafter, the "stuck highlight" could not be reporduced until the browser was closed and reopened again.

    So, for me, it seems to be a thing that only occurs with first use.
    Note: I have the tabs at top (below the menu) whereas you have the tab bar elsewhere - could this have an influence?

  • I doubt that. My tabbar is at the bottom - something I got used to with since the old days of Opera browser (2006-2008). Since I posted the topic I noticed something else, altough I can't say for sure it's causing it: putting the computer to sleep puts a highlight on a random menu. For instance, an hour ago when I went to the market to buy cigarettes, I put the computer to sleep in order to give it some rest (it's midsummer right now and I put it to sleep so that the computer can cool down a bit). The browser was maximized when I did that. When I woke the computer up, the menu "Edit" was (and still is) highlighted, altough I have never used it.
    Can you test this on your side and see if gets highlighted after waking up the computer? If it does, we may have found a pattern which to add to the bug report.

  • Not for me, waking after sleep does not highlight an entry.
    I just get the same effect of highlight on hover, staying until clicked (only after browser start).


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