• Vivaldi is definitely most appealing browser UI i've used so far. Web page rendering performance is fine, however browser startup time is much longer than IE (instant) or Chrome (pretty fast). Is it possible to have something like Chrome's "continue running in background when closed", this improves startup times a lot.

  • I second the comment.

    The very first time I started Vivaldi, it booted super-fast. After subsequent close and re-start sessions, very slooow.
    Drive light is not even blinking…

    I notice that if I have several, or a handful, of tabs open, and I close the app completely, when I restart it, it is worse. Wish I could have the option to set "Do not restart previous pages in last browser session".

  • It's just a tech preview so I'm sure the performance of the browser is something that will be definitely worked on in each and every patch.

  • I have actually had pretty consistent fast start up times when launching Vivaldi. Really no different then Chrome or Firefox and perhaps even a little fast then the before mentioned. IE is not generally praised for much by many but is for its start up speed. Some factors to take into consideration is what homepage you have set as the default if you are questioning full start up times also and although there is not a lot of support yet for extensions, but what one's you may have installed. Have you watched your task manager and system resources tab when launching and running Vivaldi? I too will say Vivaldi is currently a tech preview, maybe not even an alpha, so a lot of tine tuning and system resource management stuff should be coming in the next releases along with improved and added functionality.


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