Full screen mouse pointer

  • Under mac os 10.11.6 and Vivaldi 1.2.490.43: Whenever toggling a video to full screen mode the mouse pointer doesn't disappear like on every other browser. Happens under any player Thx

  • Thank you for the report. This issue is already filed as VB-4297. If that ID appears in the changelog of a release, the issue has been fixed.

  • This is also an issue on Windows 10 as well. It doesn't happen for Opera or Edge, but it happens for Vivaldi on YouTube videos, Facebook videos, Twitter videos, just about every video in fullscreen. I wish it would get fixed so I could have a video-watching experience as good as any browser.

  • Can confirm this is still happening.

  • FAQ. tap alt twice

  • Tap alt twice does nothing for me. However I tried tapping around for some time, and apparently if you hit space on youtube – to pause -- the mouse pointer disappears. If you hit space again to play the mouse pointer continues to be hidden (until you move it ofc).

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