Time expectancy before a new extension works with Vivaldi?

  • Just wondering what time frame users can expect before new Google extensions will finally work with Vivaldi?

  • Depends entirely on the extension. It's generally not a question of old or new, but what the extension tries to accomplish and what code it uses. Vivaldi doesn't fix compatibility of a specific extension afaik.

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    Last I checked I think there were nearly 2 million extensions and apps in the Chrome Store. It would be insane for Vivaldi to pay any attention to whether individual ones worked in Vivaldi, absent feedback from a substantial number of users concerning a single extension (like LastPass, XMarks or similar).

  • Point made.

    In that case, perhaps a sticky thread or even better, a dedicated column à la Palemoon style be available on Vivaldi's homepage where visitors can consult to see which ones are confirmed compatible or not?

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    Well, not on homepage, but I made the relevant topic sticky in the Extensions category.

  • Can we have a compatible too?

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    You may create a topic anywhere any time you like. In the meantime, I moved a couple more old topics.

  • That is good and appreciated! ;)

    Btw, is anyone aware of an extension that can export to html your extension list ?

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