Vivaldi is extremely slow when rendering certain pages

  • Hi, Me and my wife have been happily using Vivaldi for about two years now. However, I have noticed some serious performance issues for quite some time. For example, a page like takes almost 2 minutes in Vivaldi until something is displayed; in Firefox, you can see and enter something almost immediately (after 2 seconds or so). It seems that Vivaldi always waits until everything is loaded 100% and only then starts rendering the forst pixels, while other browsers are more smart and can render something even when not all the info is here yet. :angry: Other than that, keep up the good work! :cheer: Marc

  • Sorry, nothing like that at my end. It loads just fine. Stable version 12 here.

  • Also, load in less than 2 segunds. Your problem may be due to some extension installed or because your antivirus

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