Vivaldi stopped working

  • Since today my Vivaldi installation is not working anymore. I use version 1.2.490.43. When I open Vivaldi it loads one page and thats it. I can not open another page at all. Vivaldi loads a bit and stops. I can not even open pages like vivaldi://about/ When I try to open the settings, no window will open and Vivaldi does not respond to anything from that point on. I can't even close Vivaldi by clicking on the X. Edit: I wiped Vivalidi . Copied the cookies etc. back into the Vivaldi folder and now everything works again. I guess the last extension I installed was the perpetrator.

  • Moderator

    That's usually the case. Might I ask which extension this one was?

  • It was the Switcheroo Redirector extension.

  • Thanks, will remember to stay away from that.

    A "redirector" extension, though… that issue was kinda expected! :silly:

  • I just ran into that problem again, with three extensions I have been using for the last couple of months without any problems. Turns out that I got an error message while trying to access or delete one of the Vivaldi folders. So I ran chkdsk to check my SSD and after the pc had rebooted I was able to delete that pesky folder and did reinstall Vivaldi. I guess that corrupted folder was causing the problem.


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