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Lost Sessions

  • Just restarted the browser and Vivaldi started without my previous tabs. I looked into the files in my profile folder and saved Current Session, Current Tabs, Last Session and Last Tabs before they were overwritten. They seem to contain my previous tabs but even if I replace the current ones with the previous ones, Vivaldi won't open my previous session. Any way to get my tabs back? ---- Vivaldi "profiles" seem somewhat broken, this is the 3rd time I'm losing data and/or having to clear my profile to even get Vivaldi to start. Reminiscent of old opera with oops all your bookmarks are suddenly gone for no reason. My pc is virus free, fresh win 10 install and components are all working fine no RAM errors etc. These are Vivaldi issues.

  • sometimes it is possible to get back a lost session via the trash icon, which you find in the tab bar.
    Click on the trash-icon and select "Window with xx tabs". This will restore your old session

    However, it won't work, if you have a hard disk issue…


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    Despite being the guy who frequently tells users to refresh their profile, I have only had a corrupted profile ONCE since Jan 27, 2015 - and that was when the power went out while I was shutting Vivaldi down.

    I think profile fragility is not universal, but has something to do with AVs and extensions more often than not.

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