Features requests for 1.4

  • Unityfox revived
    I know, that this addon is for Firefox, but it would be nice no see it for Vivaldi.
    It makes a progress bar on Unity dock button (Ubuntu), the same as it is done on Windows.

  • @Too_many_browsers:

    I'm using 1.3.544.25 and I'm sure there was a tab-rounding function in 1.2 … it's not in 1.3 but I did use that.

    Tab rounding feature is still there. Go to Theme and edit your current Theme to modify rounding radius.

  • Please fix the bug reported several months ago under the Macintosh topic
    Zoom too often

    Thank you

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    • Bring back Opera Unite
    • Image context menu to show Image Properties, Exif data, bitdepth, dimensions, etc.

  • two things missing for me:

    • inspector in same window (right & bottom)
    • built in rss feed (the plugins is unusable for me,the m2 concept is perfect)


  • Option to activate keyboard shortcuts for selecting items on right-click context menu. I'm thinking like 1-9 instead of the alphabet, since there are often multiple operations listed that start with the same letter. This can help save time spent moving the cursor back and forth when the same operation on the context menu is to be repeated over and over again.

  • @zakius:

    moveable toolbar items, including ability to put bookmark bar elements there

    Ability to display extension buttons on toolbar in one particular order would really help IMO. Also I'd say it would make sense to give the user ability to set extension buttons in more than just one toolbar, in more than just row. Sometimes people use so many extensions that just one row isn't enough.

    one click installation of chropera extensions from their store

    One click import of entire Chrome profile along with extensions and their setting would be really awesome. But also Vivaldi IMO needs an option to backup/restore its entire profile (passwords included), preferably stored into a password protected file.

    getting rid of speed dial completely

    I vote against it. I use SpeedDial pretty often. But there can be an option to disable SpeedDial for those who don't use it.

    sometimes it seems useful to save more than one page from the site,
    e.g. page of goods and link to shop address, a few news, etc.
    in the most of the these cases we visit these pages "in one chain".
    of course, we can add 2+ bookmarks to the same site, but it seems
    redundant. and if we don't do it, we might forget the pages we didn't save.

    solution: for each bookmark store also tab history, at least 5 links back
    and 5 forward (if any). i.e. when we open bookmark, we can move
    back or forward from it as we could before, while initial browsing.

  • With the release of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Vivaldi seems faster than it used to be. It's very fast now. But Edge is now even faster. It's now much more resource efficient. It takes up less than half the RAM Vivaldi does, and it's better in UI performance and page loading.

    Sometimes, there's still a slight page hanging in Vivaldi, though usually it's very fast now since the Anniversary Update. But I think one important thing that Vivaldi should focus on for 1.4 is optimization of page loading speed, resource usage, and UI performance. I know this will come more and more in time, and as you get more developers and do something about your involvement with Chromium, but you're now competing with Edge when it comes to speed and lightness, and it's important for Vivaldi to feel snappy and quick.

    One of the things that I think helps browser feel snappy and quick is not just a snappy, quick UI, but the tab animations as well. Vivaldi doesn't have tab opening and closing animations like Edge and Opera do, let alone fluid and smooth animations. I think this would make Vivaldi seem like a better experience if it added those kind of animations.

    Another area where Edge totally beats Chromium-based browsers is in font rendering and smooth scrolling. Eventually, it would be great if Vivaldi would create it's own font rendering and smooth scrolling to replace Chromium's.

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    Actually, I don't see Vivaldi as being in competition with Edge at all. They are aimed at completely different markets. For now, Vivaldi needs to be the most nimble of all the highly customizable browsers.

    With the Anniversary update in Win 10 today I did wind up opening a couple of links from email in Edge before I restored my defaults, and I do have to say that its font rendering it superior. Chromium developers are going to have to get off their butts and do something about that.

  • I agree that they're not in competition in the same market, but Vivaldi will eventually be a highly customizable browser that is also as nimble and fluidly fast as any other browser, such as Edge or Opera. I just wanted to mention the changes in the Anniversary Update, and to say that I can't wait till Vivaldi is as fast and fluid as Edge, Opera, and the others, and has the fluid tab animations that modern browsers do. It's not that Vivaldi doesn't feel like a modern browser, it's just that it's very early in development, so it's not fully complete yet.

    And yeah, the font rendering in Edge is great. Either Chromium needs to improve theirs, or Vivaldi needs to create their own eventually to replace Chromium's. Same thing for smooth scrolling. Edge's is superior to Chromium's in that area, but I installed a Chrome extension with settings to have smooth scrolling that almost mirrors Edge's/IE's.

  • So I just fired up Edge for about the third time in my life to see for myself and… the font rendering was absolutely sucky compared to Vivaldi!

    When I took a screenshot of the two and zoomed in you can see that the rendering is definitely different, but only in that the Edge fonts look more "black and white" and Vivaldi's has coloured fringes on left and right... but in fact the fringes is how it should be since:

    on my system the Chrome engine is respecting my ClearType settings and Edge isn't!

    Did you guys properly set up ClearType on your systems?

  • I know that Multi Login or Private Tabs are already planned for future Vivaldi releases, however will it be in 1.4?


  • Tab color resource:

    currently, the tab color seems to be detected in the favicon by scanning for the most dominant color. This idea is good but, for mobile devices there is already the possibility to let a web developer tell the browser the ui / tab color.
    Source: https://developers.google.com/web/fundamentals/design-and-ui/browser-customization/theme-color

    I think, that the tab color should be defined with the theme-color meta tag. If that is missing in the code, you could use the favicon interpretation as a secondary solution.

    I hope you like the idea.

    Good work until now. Vivaldi is my new favorite browser. Keep going 🙂

  • I would like to request some features:

    • Add an "News" reader like Opera has;
    • Fully translate the browser into pt-BR (build after build we ask for this and nothing changes);
    • Add an ad-blocker built in Vivaldi engine.

    Thats all I ask so I can trown away any other browsers and have vivaldi as the main and, maybe, only browser on all the machines I have and work..

  • Add "search with" and i`ll be happy :evil:

  • Hi,

    I have the tab bar at the side and some pinned tabs.
    It would be niced to have the pinned tabs as icon-only in one row. See image for example.



  • Hello there.

    I am currently rather satisfied with Vivaldi. Still there are a lot of things I would (optionally) change, and two in particular strike me out as relatively weird in comparison to other browsers and don't sound like huge problems to implement.

    When Vivaldi is asked to download a file for opening, it first downloads it as usual (to the standard download location) and opens it. The file does not appear to ever get deleted. While I can see potential uses for such a behavior, I expected the regular possibility of downloading a file only for the purpose of opening it right now, typically by saving it in the system's temporary file area (for example, when I treat that download as more or less something that should have been available as a page but wasn't). I'm not sure whether this should be a preference regarding opening behavior or a separate button when a download happens.

    The other oddity is that Vivaldi doesn't allow me to mute a tab when it is not currently emitting sound. I can sort of see that adding this option to a silent tab creates some confusion. Since Vivaldi is supposedly a power user tool by design, I don't think this is much of a problem. On the other hand, a tab can be expected to emit sound prior to that happening (for example, in case of started or paused videos lacking a volume control, or based on prior experience with page's scripts).

    At the very least I would like if someone would direct me to explanations regarding why things are how they are right now.

    Thank you for your attention.

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    I know that Multi Login or Private Tabs are already planned for future Vivaldi releases, however will it be in 1.4?


    I should think not. These are both much larger coding projects than a single decimal-point upgrade.

  • I would be very happy with a fix for the excessive cpu/disk usage.

    But more specifically, what I'd want is not THE one big thing, more the million little things (the "polish").

    Well, actually, I lied, I'd really love that RSS manager. (And I have to say, I love that integrated Opera's adblocker, kind of a killer feature).

    Anyway, thank you very very much for your hard work. I still remember the day I tried Vivaldi the first time; back then it was a while that I haven't enjoyed browsing (since O12).



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