Features requests for 1.4

    • Select a word/words/sentence => Right click => configurable search engines and not only the default one (e.g. in preferences where the search engines are listed, you could have a checkbox "Show this search engine in context menu"
    • Adding and icon/picture to speed dial folders
    • Private tab (which can be raised by right clicking the + sign context menu)
    • Private tab "redirect". Like Opera had, that you can define a certain domain to always open as a private tab automatically. Great way to use web sites which have limited amount of articles you can read and hit paywall after that
    • or "Clone as a private tab" in the tab context menu
    • Zoom slider, like someone already said, isn't very good. I've suggested this before but here it is again: 5 small buttons in the corner which you can customize to have 5 different zoom levels of your liking. or 7 or 10, whatever. That would definitely be the fasted and most precise way to use zoom.
    • scaling speed dial which sizes the boxes depending on your screen space
    • Picture exif info in the context menu
    • +1 for the idea to have a bookmarking option available on the folder context menu in the bookmark tree
    • GO -button

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    I would like the possibility to click and drag a tab to create a new window. Right clikcing and clicking "Move to window" is quite cumberstone.

    In progress. It will appear in a public version as soon as the developers can make it available.

  • One of the features I've been waiting for since the very Vivaldi's public appearance is the customizable proxy server support. I know, it now has a command line option for specifying a proxy, but I also would like to have a fine grained proxy customization like:

    1. Defining a list of proxies to be used
    2. Specifying domain filters for each proxy
    3. Per tab proxies with explicit proxy selection (from the above mentioned list) as well as automatic proxy assignment for new tabs using one of the predefined assignment policies: single default, least recently assigned, most recently assigned, round robin, etc.

    Another one I'd like to have is "disable automatic redirection" that covers all kinds of redirections.

  • @Team_Vivaldi:

    6. Reader mode -> already available in snapshots

    Where can I find or activate this mode?

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    6. Reader mode -> already available in snapshots

    Where can I find or activate this mode?

    The Page Actions are on the Status Bar < >

  • Thanks. That's the only place I haven't look for 🙂

  • Not really sure why my reply does not show up, since I already tried posting twice. Third time the charm?

    Couple of suggestions

    Mouse gestures

    • add "minimize window" gesture
    • make gestures work above address bar, when cursor is NOT over a tab
    • separate linked gestures

    Download manager improvements

    • add download speed indicator
    • pause/resume button preferable, but not crucial


    1. separate pop-up window on videos, like in UC browser
      example: http://imgur.com/CRnMdGT
      It's the best feature I've ever seen in browsers

    2. Never hiding Find on Page panel. (without clicking ctrl+f every time)

    3. custom buttons

  • It would be great to see redesigned tab stacks as you have promised earlier. :cheer:

  • MDI, or if not possible, at least "click tab to minimize".


  • Please copy the 'Search | Copy' context menu that auto pops up after making a selection that Opera recently introduced. It is incredibly useful as those two things almost always follow making a selection. I am trying to transition from Opera to Vivaldi and miss that feature a lot.

  • A built-in VPN would be super sweet

  • Built-in image and video downloader.

    I know there are plenty of chrome extensions that will do that but they all have their problems and most don't function too well. I think a built-in option would make the experience more robust. It would be a great tool for people who do any sort of researching work on the web plus maybe a closer integration with Vivaldi "Notes" would be really great.


  • Add Shift+F2 dialog as in the old opera – it "listens" only for bookmark nicknames, and immediately opens the one as soon as it recognizes it, no need to type it completely, use arrows and Enter etc., unlike the current F2 dialog.

  • I would like it if searches using the search box would open in a new tab (like in Firefox) since doing them in the addressbar already uses the same one.

  • Didn't know Export Bookmarks was in the File menu…I was looking for it in the right-click context menu of the Bookmarks menu. Which brings me to update my request to the following:

    Add Export Bookmarks... option to the context menu of the Bookmarks menu.

  • 0. editable right click menu
    1. master password
    2. fully portable
    3. "search with" (searchengine) in right click menu
    4. side panel fully resizable (if bookmarks chosen, one can resize it so smal, only the icons are shown)
    5. bookmark panel right/left
    6. pop up search engine list when typing in search field
    7. search engine edit -> up/down arrow (or drag) for engine position in the list

  • EDIT: double post sorry

  • 1. Profile full backup/restore option. Needed to make it easy to reinstall system.

    2. Full Chrome profile import function. Reconfiguring all Chrome etensions in Vivaldi massive work. It would make Vivaldi much more popular if you could just import Chrome profile, extensions, its settings and all. Right now it doesn't work even if you copy Chrome profile manually. Ot at least it didn't work in stable version 1.2 for me.

    3. Better resources control when closing browser with "run in background" option disabled. Right now in 1.2 on some laptops it can even crash entire Windows desktop if you're nor careful.

    4. Movable extensions toolbar.

    5. Movable extension buttons on toolbar. Extention buttons displayed in certain order instead just in load order.

  • 1. Constant tab color for unfocused tabs, when theme color is enabled. (The address and bookmark bar switch colors like usual, depending on which tab is in focus) It's very intuitive to see the color of the tab and know what website that is - Facebook is blue, Youtube is red. It can also help the user visualize groups of tabs (if not using stacks) by color and reach where you need to go on the tab bar easily. It's also prettier!

    2. Option to force tab color per domain, the user inputs the hex values. Some websites have an obvious color choice (facebook blue, youtube red) but not for other sites with multiple main colors (should Reddit be white or blue? Is google red, blue, green, yellow…?) it allows the user to set the color that is most familiar in their own mind - and this is going to be different for each person (google is blue the most to me, but it could be green for someone else)

    3. Drag a link from the bookmark bar or the page onto the tab bar to open, and choose the location on the tab bar before letting go of the mouse with a small arrow between bars (like chrome).

    4. Home button opens multiple pages of your choosing. Why does the home button open only one page, when you can already open an entire folder of links?

    5. Disable X button to close tab while CTRL selecting mutliple tabs.


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