Features requests for 1.4

  • 1. Stack pinned tabs [was available & worked nicely, until [incl.] SS].
    2. Pin tab-stacks [has never been available, but is nice complement to #1].
    3. Reorder tabs in a stack by dragging & dropping the thumbnail
    4. Block HTML5 Canvas Fingerprinting.
    5. Expanded session management tools [eg, like [i]Session Buddy extension].
    6. Extensions need to work in web-panels
    7. Font-size control in web-panels
    8. Reorder current web-panels by drag & drop.
    9. Web-panels exportability.
    10. Extension bar icons need right-click function to access Options
    11. Enhance current brute-force tab right-click "Bookmark All Open Pages" with more granulated options like "Bookmark All Open Pages to a New Folder/SD" [user-selectable, but new folder/SD default name of date+timestamp (ie, becomes pseudo session-management)], "Bookmark Selected Tabs to…", "Bookmark Tabs at RHS to...", Bookmark Tabs at LHS to…", etc. Pls also see extension "OneTab" for good ideas of wide user-choice.
    12. SD - allow folder / subfolder creation by drag & drop
    13. Option to Auto-Hide the Bookmarks Bar, not simply current binary show/hide [eg, Slimjet].
    14. Option to manually size tab popup thumbnails [to become independent of UI scale].

    I love Vivaldi – thank you Devs!!!
    My on-SSD OS = Linux Mint x64 17.3 KDE 4.14.2.

  • I just recently switched from Chrome to Vivaldi, so I only have a few:

    Mouse Gestures
    Please stop with the linked new tab/open link gesture. On sites with man links, using the gesture for new foreground or background tabs almost always result in openng a link. Give us separate options for the links. I am currently using an extension called crxMouse Chrome Gestures rather than the built in gestures and the only reason is that this behaviour is incredibly frustrating to me.
    This extension actually has a few more options that might be interesting:

    • Super drag: Gestures that are activated when you drag a link or selected text.
    • Gestures for copying selected text, the current URL or the URL of a link to the clipboard.
    • Wheel gestures (right/left click+mouse wheel), for example to switch tabs.

    Bookmarks Bar
    Opening bookmarks from the extended bookmarks bar or folders in the background via middle click or click+CTRL without closing the list.

  • Tab tiling:

    • add ability to move the separator
    • add ability to tile 2 tabs horizontally instead of forcing vertically

    But anyway, even without these, Vivaldi rocks! As an ex-long-term Opera user, I'm delighted to get back "Opera power-user oriented" spirit with Vivaldi, what Opera dropped long ago. Thanks guys!

  • Moderator


    Tab tiling: - add ability to tile 2 tabs horizontally instead of forcing vertically

    Use the Tile icon in the Status Bar.

  • Bookmarks sidebar …

    a) remove the triangle - it serves no purpose - it just takes up a lot of space (need to change so clicking on the description or folder opens with one click)

    b) when r-click a bookmark add option to "Change to current" - this is very useful if just used the bookmark but the URL no longer leads to a page and perhaps have to chop back the URL to the previous forward slash for example (note a previous request from me to add an Up Arrow which chops back when hit ... then just need to Change to Current ...)

  • Bookmark creation and edit

    I have thousands of bookmarks in a huge hierarchy of folders. If I am on a website and want to book mark it, hitting the "add bookmark" button and trying to find the folder I want it in through all the expanded folders to far too difficult.

    Please allow me to r-click on a folder in the bookmark sidebar and select "create bookmark here"

    Also, please allow me to r-click and select "Edit" just like on Avant, so I can change the name easily (and select "Use Current" so it changes the URL to whatever is currently active)

  • When you want to open a bookmark in a new tab, there's an option "open this in new tab in background" which means when opening the new tab, the focus will remain on the currently selected tab. So my request is for you to add the same option in Settings which when chosen will open all new tabs in background, keeping the currently viewed tab in focus. This is how I've used Firefox in the last 10 years and I'd like very much to have the same option in Vivaldi.

  • Crucial, won't switch unless present no matter what:
    configurable rocker gestures (choosing actions)
    moveable toolbar items, including ability to put bookmark bar elements there
    Will switch only if left with no choice unless present:
    save image under gesture action for gestures
    open new tab by middle clicking on tab bar
    taggable bookmarks
    Really important but could probably live without:
    fixed font rendering, blink by default makes it absolutely ugly, looking just like sublime text, it's awful
    dropdown list of recent bookmarks (see pocket extension for firefox, the one that got removed from store but backup can be found on reddit)
    Would love to see:
    one click installation of chropera extensions from their store
    getting rid of speed dial completely

    about RSS manager: just clone the one Opera had and it will be fine, if you won't do that I'll stick with Smart RSS created for chropera (as clone of Operas solution)

    probably (much) more to come when it finally reaches MVP and I'll be able to test properly

  • Hey guys,

    Mouse gestures

    • add "Minimize window" please!
    • mouse gestures work above address bar, next to tabs. Currently only work when cursor is over tab.

    Download manager

    • better indicators (download speed indicator, ability to pause/resume)
    • "confirm to close window" when downloads are active


  • Good to see Dockable developer tools and sync are top priorities.

    After that I think it gets pretty much a full browser. Everything after that will just be Vivaldi Way 😉

    After this 2 major things I would like to see improvements to the GUI. Performance and customization like old Opera, by dragging and dropping Buttons/Features to were we want them, or at least like Firefox Australis does it right now.

    For the GUI performance I know it is a complicated subject because of how everything is implemented on top of Chromium. I already sent Molly some info about WebAssembly which is taking it's first steps and is being included in Chromium project and other browsers as an effort of the big 4 to standardize the technology. One of the main benefits is performance in graphics, so I think you should take a look.

  • As part of #21:

    • Allow users to set a different default search engine for the search bar than for quick search in the address bar
    • Allow users to add more search bars, each with their own default search engine.

  • Autosave for current session.
    Few times vivaldi has crashed losing all open tabs. Opera 12 had option to recover last browsing session. So should vivaldi.

  • I too have two requests 🙂

    1. Zoom slider
    add a "plus"- and a "minus"-button to the zoom-slider in the status bar. Thus, it would be more comfortable to increase or decrease the zoom in steps of e.g. 10%. The slider itself is very difficult to use if you want a small increase in zoom and the zoom-dialog needs keyboard input (the arrows in the dialog hardly can be used).

    2. Bookmark context menu "Properties" (bookmark pane)
    Add a context menu entry "properties" to the bookmarks context menu in order to show the url, description etc. of the selected bookmark in a (newly opening) dialog window.


  • One more request for me: info for an image. All other browsers have this option called "image info" and where one can see its dimensions, size in KB, preview of the image itself and even save it.
    Atm I have to open another browser when I wanna see all that info and, as you can imagine, this is inconvenient.
    Here's a screenshot of my request:

  • I have one more request, too 🙂

    Add an option to limit the cache size!

  • 1. Better gui integration with linux, gtk etc.
    2. More fonts controling options, size etc., better fonts integration with linux.
    3. Ability to disable some functions for older hardware? I don't know how to describe this.
    4. Generally Vivaldi less resource-hungry.

  • Bookmarks Bar functionality

    • allow Bookmarks and Folders in the Bookmarks Bar to have context menu functionality and drag-and-drop functionality, just the same as the Bookmarks Panel.

    I just switched to Vivaldi full time since Opera was sold to the Chinese. I don't have much faith in the new owner's ability to remain faithful adherents to any privacy policy. This Bookmarks Bar functionality was the biggest glaring lapse that I've noticed since then.

    Also, it does seem a bit sluggish and CPU/memory intensive at times, but this has been covered elsewhere.

    Last thing is that I noticed: I had trouble getting Vivaldi to open with Windows in the same order on the taskbar as they were originally closed in. As Vivaldi is supposed to be aimed at "Power Users", I found this one a bit surprising. I don't like tab stacking. I'd rather have multiple Vivaldi windows open, each with their own group of tabs. But when I reopen Vivaldi, the Windows need to be in the same order as they were closed in. I guess this boils down to better session management.

  • I have to agree with you Pesala. Even just a list box with the 'Request', 'Status' and whatever other items and comments you like to add.

    This would enable a user to quickly check if a feature has already been included.

    Even by breaking it down by version one must possibly have to go through several pages to find a Request. 😞

  • Mouse gestures

    • would like a "minimize window" gesture
    • gestures do not work when mouse cursor is above address bar and at the same time NOT over a tab (i.e. right of the '+' button)

    Download manager

    • download speed indicator
    • warning before closing windows when downloads are in progress
    • download queue perhaps??? though that is a long shot :=)

  • I would like the possibility to click and drag a tab to create a new window. Right clikcing and clicking "Move to window" is quite cumberstone.


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